SELEN the white stallion

About the book

SELEN the white stallion is a new series of books aimed at 8-12 years old,  dealing with a wild, mysterious and talented cremello Thoroughbred stallion (Selen) who is tamed and ridden by a young girl (Marie, 12) to great success in show jumping… Besides, celtic legendary creatures are involved : is Selen supernatural ?

@ professional editors and movie producers :
SELEN the white stallion (pilot book) has been published in french language in december 2013 and was strongly supported by readers on My Major Company, leading crowdfunding website in France. The book is still available for publishing in english (and other languages) and film adaptation ! Feel free to contact the author for further information.

About the author

Aged 39, Brittia Guiriec has always been a « horse-addict » and wanted to « write a book she would have loved to read when she was ten ». Found of children literature, she also writes science-fiction and thriller and has performed in writing contests like YA « Tremplin Meg Cabot » (Hachette) in 2011.  She lives in south Brittany with her two children.

Selen’s partners

Donna Hiscock - True Colours Farm (Canada)          Audrey Crosby McLellan - ACC Photography (USA)          Chris Gin photography (Nouvelle-Zélande)

On this website, Selen is embodied by the stunning cremello Thoroughbred stallion Guaranteed Gold, winner of Selen’s casting constest in july 2012. Special thanks go to :

Who both immediately felt very confident and interested in Selen series of books and are enthusiastic fans. Guaranteed Gold pictures are amazing…

Warmest thanks also go to :

  • Chris Gin ( landscape photographer in New Zealand for his wonderful picture of Ambury Park (Auckland), used as background for Selen’s book cover and website.

More about Selen’s partners ?
Click here (in french).